There have been many times in my legal career, my vacation rental management career and in my career as a REALTOR when I have felt overwhelmed.  It could be the result of a steadily increasing “to do” list that is growing faster than I can handle, or it could be one heart-pounding, sweaty palm, bad event that feels so monumental that I just can’t figure out how I will ever move past it.  In those times the solution is often very simple, yet not the first (or even fifth) option that comes to mind.  That solution is to simply ASK FOR HELP.  It seems so simple, but we often don’t do it.  Maybe our situation feels embarrassing, or maybe we just don’t want to impose. 

Helping others is a good thing to do.  And, it feels good to help.  I bet most of us know people who would like to help us out, if they only knew what we needed.  As a REALTOR, I find that many people would like to start the process of selling their current home or looking for a new home, but there is some sort of impediment preventing them from moving forward.  If you are in that situation, I encourage you to speak to a REALTOR.  We are often able to help in ways that you may not have imagined.  We know lenders who can come up with interesting and creative ways to help you compete in this seller-friendly market, we have strategies to help you with timing concerns related to selling and buying, we know people who can provide quotes for repair issues, and we are often willing to roll up our sleeves and help you with those piles of clothes that you’ve been meaning to take to Goodwill since 2001.  The solution might not always be perfect, and it might not come from the first person you approach, but the first step is to ask!

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