In this post, I am only going to say positive things…mostly. I’ll at least try. But seriously, as a mediator I have done a lot of reading about how to help others reach agreement.  One theory is that if you can start getting some small victories or a “yes”, the parties are more likely to build positive momentum that will help with resolving the overall dispute.  A small “yes” leads to more “yeses”. I know most of us are familiar with theories about the power of positive thinking or the benefits of creating positive energy. As a Realtor, I believe focusing on the positive rather than the negative can also be important to the home buying process.

When I work with my real estate clients, I ask them to give me an idea of what features are important to them in a home.  Typically, clients start out with their “must-have” list.  But, as the search goes on it is easy to make blanket statements that begin with phrases like “I could never” or “I would never.” To be fair, sometimes there really are deal-breakers in a property.  But, real estate is a lot like life.  Limiting statements and doubt can cause us to miss out on great opportunities. 

We all know someone who seems to live a charmed life.  These “charmed” people always seem to find great jobs, great houses, great friends, and generally great opportunities. It seems like those opportunities just land in the laps of these lucky people.  But, do they really?  Sometimes, maybe.  But, maybe there is something else at play.  Is it possible that your “charmed” friend approaches the world with a sense of possibility instead of an “I can’t” or “I would never” mindset?   Could it be that they are more open to the unexpected experiences life throws at them? Real estate is no different. 

Taking a hard line on certain aspects of a home can be limiting and may cause someone to miss out on a great house. It may also cause a buyer’s Realtor to rule out a property that has the potential to be their dream home because it contains one of those “I could never” features.  I urge anyone looking at properties to keep an open mind because I am “positive” that the property that ultimately speaks to you may not look exactly like you think it will!

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